Kit ECU Connector EDC/MDG-(FCA-MB)


A cable Kit of four ECU’s port A and B cables for Flexbox: FLK11B Kit include: FLX2.15, FLX2.17, FLX2.47, FLX2.50.

Κωδικός FLK11B Κατηγορία

Kit ECU Connector EDC/MDG-(FCA-MB)

The FLK11B contains the: FLX2.15FLX2.17FLX2.47 FLX2.50 cables.

This Kit allows to interface some types of ECU’s with FlexBox. It is necessary to connect to the FlexBox port A and B.
The goal of the Kit ECU Connector EDC/MDG-(FCA-MB) is to obtain:

A secure connection mode
A faster communication speed between ECU and FLEX
A faster connection between ECU and FlexBox
A minimal error risk during connection

ECU’s Compatibility


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