Εργαλείο προγραμματισμού μονάδων ODO MASTER

1.500,00 (+ΦΠΑ)

ODO MASTER is a new Android based 5” tablet, specialized for cluster calibration and oil service reset. The device inherits the latest technology from OBDSTAR with various advantages of easy-to-use, wide model coverage, fast operation and durable features which can meet the actual needs of different users such as automobile repair plants and fast repair shops.

Hardware Advantages

1. Built-in VCI box

2. 5-inch touchscreen

3. Charge directly via OBD interface

4. Practical and high-end gift box

5. Industrial design with silicone case

Add “Help” Functions

1. including built-in testable vehicle models, upgrade announcement, features, help notes and wiring diagrams, etc

2. Carlist and upgrade announcement, all details are available on the device

3. Customers can look up the features or uniquely support functions on the device

4. Help notes: built-in help notes for each model or function

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